The board of GRIN

Simon van der Pol

Simon van der Pol

I am a PhD candidate at the UMCG in the field of health economics and also a member of the University Council. Within GRIN, I act as chair, being the first point of contact for external parties and managing the internal business of the board.

Jaap Eising

I’m a PhD candidate in the field of systems and control within the Bernoulli Institute. As secretary of GRIN I record our decisions and make sure that all incoming and outgoing communication happens without problems.

Taichi Ochi

I am a PhD candidate at the GRIP – PTEE, focusing on the field of pharmacogenomics and the Treasurer (Penningemeester) for GRIN, overseeing the financial administration of the board. Outside of research, I am part of the GSSE PhD Council and coordinate Pint of Science for the Netherlands.

Samuël Nelemans

I am a first-year PhD student in a three-year track at the Faculty of Economics and Business, specializing in the econometrics financial markets. As council support officer of GRIN, I keep an overview of the issues PhD students are facing at different faculties and try to identify for which issues collective action is desirable. I also support PhD councils whenever I can, and facilitate different councils in sharing their best practices in order to improve the general quality of representation in the councils.

Interested in joining the board?

We are always looking for new members, please don’t hesitate to contact us!