Election results

During the PhD RALLY, together with the PhD councils, GRIN raised the awareness of the University Elections within the PhD community. We are pleased that many PhD candidates were elected. We would like to congratulate the following PhDs who were involved in the PhD RALLY:

  • Alexine de Wit (University Council, staff section)
  • Taichi Ochi (University Council, student section)
  • Taís Fernanda Blauth (Faculty Council Campus Fryslân, student section)
  • Alva Bechlenberg (Faculty Council of the Faculty of Science and Engineering, student section)
  • Teja Rebernik (Faculty Council of the Faculty of Arts, staff section)

The full results can be found here.

Vote now!

This week, you can vote for the university elections! We have made a convenient overview of the PhDs running, which can be found here. You can directly cast your vote using this link.

And do not forget today’s event: the PhD Rally. You can sign up here.

Join the PhD RALLY

The university elections are coming up soon! From May 17th to May 21st, you can vote for the University and Faculty Council. Here, highly relevant issues to PhDs are discussed and decided upon: the PhD scholarship experiment, PhD wellbeing, an inclusive university and scientific career development, just to name a few. We think it is important that PhDs are well represented within these councils, so please go vote for a PhD candidate! You can find more information here.

If you are interested in the candidates and ideas they have for the university and faculties, please join the PhD RALLY, organized by GRIN. Here you will be able to meet the candidates and discuss some of the issues mentioned above. It will be held online, May 17th at 5pm. Sign up for the election event here.

Elections this week

This week, the student parties have elections at the University of Groningen for the University Council and Faculty Councils. This means that all PhD students under the scholarship experiment and some PhDs with other grants (such as an Indonesian DIKTI scholarship) can vote! This is an important way to make sure the interests of PhDs are represented at the central and faculty levels. So please go to rug.nl/vote and cast your vote.

We would have liked to provide a list of PhD students you could vote for, but unfortunately, no PhDs are on the lists for the University Council elections. But please, have a look at your faculty council list and see whether a PhD is on there who can use your vote!