woman having a video call GRIN

GRIN in the new academic year

The academic year has started a while ago. It will be a strange year probably, with all the Corona measures that need to be taken. Nevertheless, GRIN will continue to represent all PhDs in Groningen, especially now that it is needed most. Below you can find what we are planning for the coming months and some information on our board.


Upcoming Tuesday the first series of GRIN workshops for PhD councils will start. We hope this gives practical ideas to PhD councils to represent PhDs within their faculties even better. We’re very excited to announce that both PNN and GOPHER have agreed to collaborate with us in in this initiative, and will each be facilitating one workshop respectively. The subjects covered in four hour-long workshops are: RUG governance, role of a PhD council, know Your Rights (by PNN), communicating with your PhDs (by GOPHER).
The workshop series is open for all PhD council members, if you are not a PhD council member, but are interested in participating, please let us know.

A couple of times each year, the PhD platform meeting is organized by GRIN. Here all PhD councils gather and discuss relevant topics with the Dean of Graduate Studies (currently Petra Rudolf). This is currently planned for November 4th.

Board Update

Some changes have been made in the composition of the board of GRIN. First of all, Jaap is stepping down as secretary of the board to take on a more supporting role in the upcoming year. Furthermore, we will be joined this year by Alexine de Wit. Finally, we are changing some functions within the board and have come to the following composition:
• Chair: Samuël Nelemans, chair@grin-groningen.nl
• Secretary: Simon van der Pol, secretary@grin-groningen.nl
• Treasurer: Taichi Ochi, treasurer@grin-groningen.nl
• PhD Council Empowerment: Alexine de Wit, phdcouncilsupport@grin-groningen.nl
We would like to thank Simon and Jaap for reviving GRIN when it was most needed and for their outstanding work over the past year as chair an secretary of the board. We are happy and grateful for their past and continued contribution to the wellbeing of all PhDs throughout the university!

New Corona measures

For anyone who missed it, please have a look at the new measures the university took with regards to the Corona virus, as well as the measures announced by the government. In short, for PhDs this means we should go back to working at home as much as possible, but can still access university facilities if we really need to. Condition is that we uphold the regulations with regards to social distancing and personal hygiene, and we are strongly recommended to bring a face mask when visiting the university.