Co-governance councils

There are several co-governance councils at the University of Groningen where staff members and students are elected to represent their interests. There is a university-wide University Council and each faculty has a faculty council. Depending on the type of contract you have, you are eligible to vote in May for either the staff section or student section of the councils. Employed PhD candidates vote for the staff section and scholarship PhDs vote for the student section. If you are interested in learning more about the role and responsibilities of the councils, you can find more information here.

This page provides an overview of the elected PhDs in the various councils, so you can contact them if necessary.

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University council

Responsible for university-wide issues.

Alexine de Wit

List: Personnel faction (staff section)

My goal is to ensure that management decisions are made in the service of the academic community. It is important to hear and represent everyone at the university, in the broadest sense possible.

This means focusing on a working environment where everyone can flourish and work at their best. Essential elements are, for example, a healthy workload, a safe workplace, and sufficient access to facilities. Moreover, everyone should be valued for their contributions, from professors to supporting staff.

In particular, I want to be the voice of a large and important group employees/students: the PhD community. Being embedded there will help me to represent their needs.

I believe the best input comes from the people who need to carry out those policies, so let’s hear these voices. I am PF!

Taichi Ochi

List: Dougnut Party (student section)

The Doughnut Party aims to raise awareness on the situation facing scholarship PhD students and provide a voice to their concerns.

Personally, I aim to improve the situation for students affected by the ongoing situation as its impact will last for the coming years. As a firm believer in doughnut (circular) economics, I believe in building sustainable policy to facilitate positive growth throughout a students journey at the University. As such, I will work towards ensuring a student’s experience at the University is engaging, challenging and preparing one for a bright career.

In addition, I am concerned with the deterioration of mental health during these uncertain times. Therefore, I strive to improve the support systems available to students to manage their well-being.

Faculty councils

Each faculty has a faculty council where faculty-specific issues are discussed.


Teja Rebernik

List: Personeelsfractie Letteren

As a Faculty Council member, I will strive for the following:

More representation for PhD candidates: PhDs are a large and important part of the Faculty of Arts, with their numbers only set to increase in the upcoming years (according to the draft Strategic Plan 2021-2026). Therefore, I think it is vital that the interests of my fellow PhDs are also more actively represented within the Council.

An inclusive academic community: based on my experiences as an international staff member, I wish to promote an environment where language barriers are no longer an issue.

Dynamic outreach: I believe research at our faculty should be brought closer to the broader public by stimulating and organizing more outreach opportunities (such as the Arts Festival).

Campus Fryslân

Taís Fernanda Blauth

List: CF student faction PhD1

Throughout my studies, I have been part of student representation organisations. Being able to voice student’s concerns while also collaborating with other governance bodies to take action is really important to me. I believe that, through the Faculty Council, it is possible to create a positive impact in our student community.

If elected, I would like to focus on two main topics. Firstly, as a non-EU student myself, I would like to address the issues/difficulties international students face. This is important because, as Campus Fryslân grows, more internationals will likely join our community. Secondly, I wish to discuss ways of making CF even more inclusive. To this end, it will be vital to also collaborate with other parties (eg DEI Committee).

Together we can accomplish great things!

Science and engineering

Alva Bechlenberg

List: List FSE

Hi there!
I’m an international PhD Scholarship student currently in the second year of my project at the FSE and I would like to represent you in the Faculty Council of the Faculty of Science and Engineering. I would like to be part of the team that continuously improves the experience for students and staff in our faculty by adapting to new conditions and keeping the quality of learning and working high. Personally, I am also interested in raising awareness of sustainability measures. In the past year, I have gained experience by being part of the PhD Council where we meet with other councils and the graduate school to discuss issues and improvement ideas; try to stay connected and connect our community through virtual events; create a user-friendly website for PhDs that need to find information regarding university, PhD life etc.; organize sustainability projects; and much more.
A vote for me is a vote for the PhD community of the FSE; I want to represent all my fellow PhDs!

Any other questions?

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