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The Groningen Graduate Interest Network (GRIN) is the PhD representation organization at the University of Groningen. Our primary goal is to bring together PhDs and policy makers within the whole university and improve the PhD experience in Groningen.


We facilitate a dialogue on policy between representatives of the university, such as the Groningen Graduate School, and representatives of PhDs, such as PhD councils and PhDs active in co-governance.

Empowering PhD councils

We empower PhDs and PhD councils to function at their best by informing them of their rights and helping them to reach their goals.

Improve PhD policies

We improve PhD policies by raising current PhD issues and thinking about solving these on the policy-level. If you have suggestions, do not hesitate to contact us!

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Who we are

The GRIN acts on the university-wide level to improve life for PhDs. The board of GRIN consists of five PhD candidates of the University of Groningen. Within the various graduate schools, the PhD councils are representing the voice of PhDs on the faculty level. We work together with the PhD Councils and other PhD representatives to make Groningen the best place to pursue your PhD!

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